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"Talent is a free, 12-week work experience course programme designed to fast-track you into full-time employment with our partner employers in Lancashire & Manchester."

Patrick Cutliffe

Are you a woman, who?

  • Is unemployed
  • Is underemployed and deserves better employment
  • Deserves better quality employment
  • Wants to change career
  • Needs digital upskilling
  • Recently lost your job due to Covid
  • Needs work experience and practical skills

Benefits of The Course:

It's Free!

This course is worth £5,500 and you get it free

Expert instructors

Trained by Google and Facebook's go to Digital Skills Trainers and Expert Speakers

Flexible Training

24/7 access to the virtual campus and recorded lessons

Women Role Models

Access to expertise and support from our growing community of Role Models

Guaranteed Interview

Employability & Career skills, Portfolio of Work & interviews with partner employers

Industry Certifications

Google, Facebook and many other Industry Certifications. 

Do you meet the criteria?

Talent is 12-week full-time commitment. However, we understand that you may be a busy mum and/or need to attend your existing employment or have other day-to-day requirements. Therefore, we’ve made this online course programme flexible and accessible with a virtual learning campus and recorded live training sessions so that you can catch up if you miss something. 

We’re primarily seeking women who can and will attend all of the live scheduled lessons as you’ll work in teams and team members will be reliant on you.

We’ve designed the programme for flexible learning and welcome part-time workers, full-time workers seeking upskilling, unemployed, underemployed, mums and career-changers (*please do not apply if you cannot or will not complete as others will, and this is a limited opportunity)
We're looking for the most resilient women. If you have a history of dropping out of things, not finishing them, not respecting the process, people, resource or costs incurred (thousands of days) then please do not apply (please, someone else will miss out).

You must be super driven and passionate about your future. We have a rigorous recruitment process and we’re looking for evidence of resilience and hard work more than qualifications. We want to see evidence in your CV and answers of the following skills ➡️ ➡️ ➡️
  • Resilience
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Empathy
  • Problem-solving
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Self-learning
  • Team-player
  • Metacognition

Do you meet all of the above criteria? 
[Yes / No]. 

If Yes, please continue..

Inclusion & Diversity

"At BuzzStart, we are not all the same and that’s how we like it. Inclusive, diverse teams make for the best possible outcomes. We encourage applications from all women; BAME, neurodiverse and LGBT applicants."
Founder: Patrick Cutliffe
Meet the Founder and lead instructor

Patrick Cutliffe

My name is Patrick Cutliffe and I am the founder of BuzzStart, which is a digital skills training company. I will be your Lead Trainer. 
Google and Facebook hired my company as a lead training company and me as an expert speaker to deliver their training initiatives to more than 30,000 employees, executives and senior management worldwide.
Founder: Patrick Cutliffe training in London for Google

Digital Skills for Women

You will learn how to ideate, market and grow this Digital Business from scratch

Module 1: Get Started

     Define your life mission, hack your Happiness and learn how to use digital tools

Module 2: Digital Transformation

Learn about digital disruption, digital transformation and research a digital business

Module 3: Agile Digital Leadership

Learn agile methodologies whilst working in remote digital teams & develop a marketing plan

Module 4: Customer-centricity

Identify and profile customer segments and map customer journeys

Module 5: Digital Strategy & Delivery

Learn how to use digital marketing frameworks e.g. See Think Do Care
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Module 6: Digital Sales Funnels

Learn how to find and attract your ideal clients using digital sales funnels

Module 7: Digital Channels

Learn about digital channels: mobile, search, display & programmatic

Module 8: Launch Digital Business

Learn how to launch a digital business:

Module 9: Master Digital Sales

Become a ninja at digital sales.

Module 10: Data Analytics

Learn and practice how to measure success with Analytics

Module 11: SEO & Content Marketing

Optimise digital presence with advanced SEO and developed content

Module 12: Embrace The Future of Technology

Learn about emerging technologies and how you might use them with your digital business.

Brands We Work With

What clients have to say about our training

"I’m currently enrolled on Google's Squared Online Course. Patrick is easily the best trainer they have. It’s rare to find people who explain digital, or anything, quite simply - it takes deep understanding to explain things well. Here’s to more classes with him!"

— Shruti Sharma, Head of Global Content Strategy for UNICEF
"I had the pleasure of attending the Facebook digital skills by BuzzStart Academy. Patrick helped me feel less anxious His positivity empowered me to stand up and pitch the start-up idea my team collaborated on. This led to my pitch winning my first investment at Dragons Den Bath. Patrick helped me feel like I could be a business woman. Thank you!"
— Rachelle Wabissa, Wellbeing Ambassador at University of Bath

Some of the ways we can work together

Remote Coaching

Executive Coaching & Corporate Trainings

Individual Coaching

Are you ready to create a life, a business, a career that lights you up? The choice is yours.

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